Visualize, Create, Deliver.

(Through this post I have shared some thoughts on the key principle “Visualize, Create, Deliver” which my friend’s organization Auriga IT ( follows avidly. With a crackerjack young team, they design and develop beautiful web and mobile products.)


“Imagination is the highest form of research.”  — Albert Einstein

Visualization is imagining and using your existing knowledge cohesively to give shape to an idea or a product in your thoughts. It is creating a mental blueprint of something, with the vision you hold, with the inspiration that flows through you, and with the information you have, even before the actual creation happens. The value of visualization is immense in the whole creation process and it can be productively used when working on a full-fledged product with a large scope or on just a tiny component of it. It gives you something concrete to start on to with some clarity on your action and direction, it saves your time that you spend on physical iterations or reworks, and most of all it opens door to newness and innovation that can come about only through imagination.

Believe me, use it once, taste it once, and you will find that this is where real power of creation emerges. Visualization should be the precursor of every action you take, be it creating a strategy, developing and writing code for a module tactically, designing a website or application that has originality, or any other idea that you work on for the organization or on personal level. It will give you wings and will add a beautiful dimension to your creativity!

Visualizing something is not only a brain’s feat. The true power of visualization is realized when you sometimes do not struggle for it and let the inspiration seep in through the gaps among your thoughts, and if then combined with your mind’s intelligence, exquisite things can happen! Hence it is important to relax and give some space to your mind from the continuous shooting of thoughts sometimes, that helps connect you to the nature’s intelligence and hones your imagination.


“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”  — Albert Einstein

So it is time to fold the sleeves up and get your hands dirty! Creation involves thinking, executing, communicating, collaborating, and giving your idea a physical form that can be seen, experienced, assessed and used. Creation comes with a purpose and it is utterly important to understand it. After all what we are creating here is not an “art” that gives us only a self-fulfilling experience, our piece of creation is to be used by the people, it is meant to facilitate and make a task easier and richer in experience for the users, it has to fit in the financial budget and time drawn upon for it, and it has also to meet the hopes and interests of business owners. Certainly, it is a challenge to bring a balance among all these but that is what motivates you when you place the pieces of jigsaw together and that is what brings about a meticulously crafted product or strategy which is delight to use for people or to showcase for the organization.

Create with heart, let the intuition trickle in, take help of your mind and existing knowledge, work smoothly and openly with people and understand your work in totality, not just as a piece in vacuum acting independently. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and then know the impact of what you are going to create, and believe me, that will motivate you a lot. As they say, beauty lies in details, consider small things, consider their role in the big picture, enquire how can they be made better, in fact enquire how can they be made “wow”!

Naturally, you can not work with the same energy and motivation all the time. It’s a humanly limitation. At such times, I feel, instead of forcing yourself to work and thus creating a lot of resistance inside, you should relax and give yourself some time and after a period of rest you can work in full swing and efficiently. It is not a matter of working hard, it is about working naturally, be it too much or too less. Though it is my understanding, you are free to disprove!


“Nothing happens until something moves.” — Albert Einstein

It is time for the trial. It is time for your creation to land in the real world and be tested. In this world of hurry and changing technology and needs, it is important to be able to deliver quickly, involve important people in gaining feedback, and then iterate and adapt. It’s a simple realization that you can not create “perfection” based on “assumptions”. Yes, you have done your work till now only based on logical assumptions! Only when the users use your creation in real world you come to validate your assumptions and improvise accordingly. So some quickness in delivering work has a value. Don’t dawdle too much, work smartly and push your work in waters briskly.

Oh, I love quoting Einstein words, they are human, humorous and honest! And no one dares to contradict them. 😉

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” — Albert Einstein