Seeing Through Patriotism

How a cell absorbs all the needed nutrients from the body for its sustenance and growth, and how by being healthy and performing its function well it also contributes to the total health of body is a remarkable example of balancing selfishness and selflessness.

I still wonder how much truth is there in dying for country and its problems. It doesn’t align with nature’s lesson. But we put this act on pedestal because we are taught and conditioned to do so, without realising the suffering and helplessness that the person goes through.

Such thoughtless selflessness can not lead us to a balanced and better reality, but we have this habit to ignore nature’s intelligence and succumb to whatever our mind dictates.

Loving your country is one thing and sacrificing yourself out of this uncontrollable force of your deluded belief, which brings you to hate people cross border, develops in you an apathy and meaninglessness towards life, causes you to act as a robot towards senseless means without any inner freedom to see its truth for yourself and make a conscious choice, and ending up to throw away this precious present of life, is quite another.

I’m not asking you to be all loving and you can always have your preferences and likes and dislikes because that only is the reason for diversity in our expressions. If you are white, and may be you naturally don’t like black people, it’s okay. But once you have seen through the oneness of everything, you feel open within, not too trodden by your deluded thinking and mind’s projections, and then you will naturally never take an undue and harmful action towards you or towards the society. Though the word ‘dislike’ has a negative connotation in our mind, but it is simply one side of your preference and you can dislike something and still love it. Not that the ‘puppy love’ I am talking about!

Ask a soldier, if he loves what he does or if he likes the place and environment he lives in. May be out of his clingy egoic identity of country lover and an unconscious deeply rooted belief in his cause, he can say yes, but if only I could disembowel his thoughts, feelings and emotions that are rushing inside him and show it to you, you will know how shackled and choice-less he feels. He is not doing it out of joy/love, he is doing it out of force hurled upon him by his societal conditioning, political messiahs, and in a bid to trade his life to rise in the eyes of others.

Also, realistically, it’s not possible that a nation will not require any force or soldiers because a rift or dryness in the relationships of nations, which has been growing up over the time, can not diminish instantly. But if more and more humans start making a choice to choose wisdom/joy/love/peace over unconscious fights/servility/hatred/anger/spite, it has the power to shift the collective reality of earth towards balance gradually.

Serve your country but do not sacrifice yourself. Stop being an emotional pet and act as per wisdom. If you are English and next time you watch England vs Germany football match, support your country but also realise the inner freedom to face any result and enjoy it, a feeling of sadness can also be enjoyed if England loose, because you know it’s just a game!

Oh, and I am an Indian, and it’s a beautiful country with ravishing nature, rich culture and lovely people. Though it also has its vices, but I choose not to dwell on them. Come visit sometime.