She in my life…

The first touch was hers
on my face those slithering fingers
the taste of grace, beauty and love together
such is a fondling mother

The tales of play and tease to remember
even the fights so severe couldn’t flinch
her presence in the end for my delicate care
such is a lovely sister

Then I fell in love with her
it was a beautiful surrender
sublimity or chaos it was perfectly rendered
such is an intimate lover

I see her everyday around me
living innumerable shades of life uniquely
with a hope in her eyes endlessly
such is a woman undoubtedly

She came in my life in forms differently
sometimes I failed to understand her
sometimes I failed to love but today
I want to walk with her with a promise
not to hold her hands so tightly
and let her waft in the breeze freely…

Happy Women’s Day 🙂

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