Miss Broon…

The poem is inspired from an instance of savouring melted chocolate with someone. The poem depicts this beautiful experience using a metaphor of the story of love between miss broon(chocolate, brown) and mr noon(afternoon). And the rest you can easily get!! 🙂


morning whooshed, in rush,

unaware of the crush, between noon,

and miss broon, sweet, supple and melting soon,


Oh, the lonely miss broon, you changed so soon,

I remember you were livid, you were rigid, you were frigid,

when you were lone, in that chamber, so cold, so vapid,


Oh, the lucky miss broon, we unshackled you so soon,

we brought you under the sun, where you met with mr noon,

and when he touched, you blushed, you thawed, you turned into a slush,


Oh, the happy miss broon, you fell in love with mr noon,

we loved you this way, we saw you both sway, to that corner,

silent and warmer, the sound of squeeze, squelch and licks, simply, no tricks,


Thank you miss broon, why your tryst with mr noon ended so soon,

the splash of your love, which fell on my cuff, reminds me of you,

you made my day, I will have you, once more, very soon, with mr noon

I am a Chain Smoker…

(The poem compares life with smoking a cigarettte and how I desire to have several lives to relish physical reality again and again.) 

Smoke is what I’m made of,

my thoughts are not bubbles,

they are circles, entwined,

entangled, rising up to die,

making me drear, for they

are born between the silence

of my breaths, with one drag,

or two puffs, here and there,

burned are my believes,

smoldering there, in that

ash tray lying underneath,

I smoked one third of my

snout without a doubt,

with its butt as my dream

which I held tight, even

on knowing that soon

my cig will be doused,

the butt will be thrown out,

and you will trample it under

your feet, but now I shall

breath my smoke deep,

let it reach not to my lungs,

but to every vein in my heart,

I shall not stop sucking it now,

even if an apocalypse wreaks,

one smoke can not sate me,

I will burn one more, coz I’m a

chain smoker, addicted to smoke,

I desire that my pack will not

finish till eternity…

Frailty of Flirting…

That tingling and tenacious, half love and half mischief filled sensation, rising up from a corner in the heart, shaping and spreading, until it hits a neural cell in the brain, and then we flirt or fail! How many times you had a sweet bite of flirting and how many times you blew it off? A smile, slyly.

The desire to flirt is the desire to connect with someone with an adventurous outset that can end up tenderly or tragically both. It spawns when we see a person and he or she gently touches or roughly tickles a sweet spot in us. We suddenly start wanting to invade his or her decorum of personality and presence, and buy a ticket, with the initial conversation or act, to a journey of uncharted and fictional romantic experiences, and in a jiffy our imagination and fear both start to grow wings if she happens to respond with a smile, coyly. Victor Hugo writes it with a blatant charm,

“You are adorable, mademoiselle. I study your feet with the microscope and your soul with the telescope.” ~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

I wonder why our steps stagger, eyelashes flicker and body flinches at such a moment and we fail. It’s a matter of courage, such a trite answer! We fail because of the fear of the clash of our egos, the defeat on defending it, the unconscious disposition to be strategic in everything we pursue and the failing of it, the doubt in our ability to make a joyful and innocent connection, the lack of confidence in our sexuality, and the unwieldy rush of thoughts of expectations and rejection both, and many times just because one believes that flirting is against his or her ethics. Essentially, it is the lack of openness and the load of fluffiness that hinders us to form a true connection.

Flirting is bad, a nuisance, and a crummy way of treating people. Definitions and more definitions that have infested our minds! I wonder how a connotation brewed up by people and attached to a word can influence our intentions, howsoever genuine and beautiful they are, only because that word also pops up in our mind as soon as the intention does in heart. Then starts the war of thoughts, an epic battle between Should and Should Not, that our attention is so fond of and is fetched into in a trice. Flirting is not just passing rash remarks on someone or show of ones antics or a mean to quell ones neediness or loneliness. It is approaching and meeting someone as it is, with whatever is flowing in ones heart at that moment, dropping all the armors to defend oneself, enjoy the inception of a connection and let it go if he or she is not resonating with you and feeling coerced.

We are beautiful people and I don’t intend to call any kind of malicious mischief or derogatory doing towards anyone as flirting. In fact, flirting is an act of love out of an innocent desire to experience a human connection with some risk and some fun. It seems that the fabric which we are made of was first deeply marinated in the potion of love before giving it any form and hence what we attract towards is very unique to our fabrics but the desire to immerse in that oneness is immense and inherent in all of us and human body and mind are two consummate facilitators to it.

At the core, as consciousness, we are fearless beings, ready to take up any adventure, hence a desire can sprout in us even without our permission. After this, based on our societal and genetical conditioning of believes, morals, ethics and delusions we start to dampen or empower our desires. We must realize that desires are very powerful fractal of life and they are precursors to any kind of physical manifestation that takes place. Sometime let a desire arise in you defying gravity, feel it flowing through your spine, feel vulnerable at your heart when it reaches there, bear the bombarding of arguments of mind, burn yourself in your desire, and if it is just the spurting of your needy and lacking mind it will turn into ashes, otherwise what remains is a true desire, red and glistening. Feel the desire to flirt when it is there, and flirt, and get flirted too, enjoy both sides of the table. A grin, affectionately.

Can you see the beauty in flirting tearing the veils on your eyes? Lets approach and meet a stranger next time with a brutal honesty of intention and innocence. Lets not get strategic for a while and defend our masks, lets not talk things that we do to avoid talking things that can touch us deeply, that can catch us off the gaurd, in front of our fears, naked. Lets snuggle down in the lap of life, shed our pretensions, heal our imbalances, and our eyes become chalice of truth, face become a caressing invitation, words become mirrors, and the presence become perfume of love. Lets fall into the lightness of flirting without falling apart, lets succumb to that inborn calling for charm. Lets flirt some and fly some. Lets flirt just because we want to, for its simplicity, for the joy of it. Some beautiful lines from Janice,

“He flashed the warmest smile I’d ever seen, and my heart felt comforted. Maybe he saw my insecurities, my fears. Maybe he knew God still had a lot of work to do in my life before I’d be good girlfriend material. Or maybe, just maybe, he saw beyond all that and simply wanted to flirt with me instead of rehearse for the big night.

I did my best to relax…and let him.”  ~ Janice Thompson, Fools Rush In

A Little Light…


A little light
the remnant of stars delight
hugs darkness and fills this night

A little light
invites us home to clasp tight
play in joy and pray to might

A little light
to celebrate our perspirations tonight
bursts the firework of abundance in our lives

I wish you a little light
to fire the lamps on your every stride
that leads to prosperity and paradise

I wish me a little light
that lightens the depths of my heart
to find the secrets I have never known quite

I wish the world a little light
to see the invisible weaving of love inside
that binds us beyond the word and sight

The splendor of little lights
catches this moment and place so caressingly
Wish You a Happy Deepawali! 🙂

Diwali – the festival of lights! Diwali is one of the most enchanting festival of India. Diwali, the words comes from Sanskrit ‘Deepawali’, meaning ‘rows of lights’. The Festival of Diwali is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm throughout the country. India looks resplendent on Diwali day as all streets and houses light up with traditional Diwali Diyas, candles and strands of small electric bulbs to mark the Festival of Light. Diwali Festival is supposed to lead us to the light of knowledge from the darkness of ignorance.
(Photo Credits: Divye Tela http://www.facebook.com/divye.tela)